What is this blog all about?

I have a lot to say. The debatable statistic is that women use 20,000 words per day versus men at 7,000 words per day. Since I spend quite a few hours in front of a verbally comatose computer screen, I am left with an abundant surplus of words. And I love to share!

I also love to write. One of my life-list goals is to be published. It's a little hard to compose something publication worthy if you are not in the habit of moving all those words from your head to paper (or screen). So that's what I am doing, keystroke by keystroke - transferring what I am thinking into something for you to read. And along the way, I hope to find my own voice and my own way.

The breadth of the blogosphere has been a new realization for me. All of a sudden it seemed as though blogs were everywhere - I use them to get the scoop on friends' new babies, to find out what the best hostesses were serving at their parties, to see the travel photos from friends' exotic vacations, to research purchases, and just to generally stay "in the loop". Our pastor even did a multi-week series comparing the Apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthians to a modern day blog. But it still felt a little pretentious for me to send my thoughts out into the Inter-world. As if I had all the answers. When really, I have all the questions.

But the words just keep building up . . . so to keep me from bursting, here we are. I hope you enjoy reading and growing along with me.

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