Happy Thanksgiving!

Things that we are thankful for - short list

1. Family
- Our three became four this year and we are so grateful for each other.
2. Faith
- Our Father loves us, protects us, and provides for us each and every day.
3. Friends
- We are so thankful to have friends all over the world who love us and support us in all that we are doing. And through the marvels of modern technology, I know what they ate for breakfast and what color their socks are at any given moment!
4. Freedom
- We are thankful for the soldiers and citizens who defend and protect our freedom both at home and abroad.
5. Fun
- We are thankful for the laughter and smiles that are so abundant at our house. As the days of having little boys at home FLY by, may we learn to celebrate in every season.

Honorable Mention, starts with F
Food - specifically pumpkin-flavored food
Facebook - both loved and reviled
Furry Friends - but not spare fur
Fashion - keeps me working!
Ferb - everyone needs a lovable, quiet sidekick


The downside

We started this week off with a trip to the pediatrician's office. Since the boys are both super healthy, this is a stop we don't make very often. The (very small) downside of their extreme health is that it is hard to decide whether they really need to go or not. I usually employ a combination wait-and-see/call the nurse line approach. This time we were worried about the-cough-that-would-not-quit that Jackson has. Surely, it must be TB. And he had some weird rash on his leg. Obviously, nothing less than Lyme disease.

Thus, when the diagnosis was allergies with a side of bug bites, I was a little annoyed to have made the trip. All the real germs we were exposed to! The co-pays! The whining (from me)!

But then I got to thinking about someone else who shrugged off a little cough . . . and now we have this . . .

How did we go from the awesomeness of the Fraggles to a perpetual 2 year old with a speech impediment? Walking pneumonia is no joke.
I love the imagination that is so prevalent in the Jim Henson products of my childhood. That's what we want to pass on - the ability to dream BIG. Two year old attitude is a little too reality TV for me!