The Battle is On

The Battle of the Naptime Pacifier is upon us. We knew it was time when the little guy started asking for it . . . in his not-so-nice voice. To his credit, the nighttime paci has been gone for well over a year, but naptime was always a huge struggle. Now the pacifier must be eliminated . . . and we just hope nap won't be eliminated as well.

Score: Parents 2, Pacifier-lover 0

Naptime: 1:45 for 2 days

Warriors: Daddy Khan, Grammy the Great, Mommy the Weepy
The picture above is of the pacifier tree at the Skansen Zoo in Sweden. Apparently, there is a big ceremony where kids give their pacifiers to the baby animals. Hmmm . . . odd, but apparently effective.

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Erin said...

Ok, that paci-tree is really funny. Maybe you could take him to the zoo and have him throw the naptime paci to the baby lion. Just kidding. Good luck in your battle, I know the parents will prevail!!