Good Times

We got to spend the evening with Adays this weekend. It had been way too long! We were starting to think that one or both of us were in Witness Protection!

In celebration of the dawning of summer, we snuck in a trip to the local splash park - an hour is about all our kids need.

Jackson checked out all the splashers.

And then he was on to more excitement.

Duck-riding requires ferocious concentration.

Everyone loves a good duck ride, right Brian?

Hanging out with the guys.

Giving rides to one of his favorite little ladies, Ella.

When you've been friends this long, it's quite a switch to call it a night at 8:30 (it wasn't long ago that the night started then), but we were all plenty tired.

** Update on the BBB: Jackson has been doing great in the Big Boy Bed. However, he did start Thursday off with a bang by falling out of the BBB at 3:45 AM! He's a mover, so we hear shuffling and such from his room all the time, crib or not, but this crash was a little more significant. He was stunned for a few seconds and then turned on the wail full blast. I tried to hang back so that both parents weren't rushing in and elevating things to code CRISIS. Jonathan went in and checked him out, talked to him, and put him back in bed. He went straight back to sleep. Seemed more offended that the bed bronco had bucked him off in the night than anything else. It wasn't until the next morning that we realized that he had gotten a yucky cut behind his ear. He didn't even tell us! What a trooper! Since he launched himself off of the head end, it is now relocated securely against the wall. I guess we were being a little optimistic about that.


Aday in Class said...

We had an awesome time! Ella's been wondering where little J-man is! We hope to see ya'll again real soon.

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

Aren't splash parks the best?! Great for wearing toddlers out. Your little Jackson is STILL the cutest!