Baby Bonanza

It's hard to fully embrace the grumpiness of the last moments of the third trimester when you have 52+ thank you notes to write! We had a great time at my office baby shower last Friday. We are spoiled.

(You should ignore the non-dining situation going on on the dining room table back there.)

And this is on top of another awesome shower at church. This one was a triple play.

You know what one of the great things about being a second time mom is? You KNOW exactly what you like in a baby product.

Hello, Mylicon, I think I love you. And your illegitimate cousin Target brand gas relief drops? You are so my little secret best friend. Come on, a medicine that relieves tummy bubbles (and thus occasionally the unexplained newborn crying) and that you can't overdose a baby on, what is there not to love? Now if only it came in Mommy-size for those moments of unexplained crying.

Bottle liners for the Playtex Nurser bottles. The amazing thing here is how much these have improved in the last 20 years. When my brother was a baby, it was like you were putting milk in a Ziplock and then trying to screw the lid on over it. Not a task that should be performed by the faint of heart or the sleep deprived. And what about the fact that these don't have a gazillion valves and parts to clean! We might not get to see these for a few months (weeks), but I am ever so glad to have the stockpile ready.

Baby toiletries. I am so excited that these now come in fun smells that aren't girly. I can't wait to try Vanilla Oatmeal and Cucumber Melon. And we did have to throw in some bubbles just for the fun factor - because nothing convinces a three year old with a bath aversion to race for the tub better than bubbles . . . and the potential for splashing Mommy.

Here it is. The lifeblood of Newborn World. Diapers and wipes. Around here we are devotees of the Pampers for pretty much all of infancy. After that we don't have much use for brand loyalty. So, what are you thinking? The diapers pictured above will cover us for 3 days after coming home? Maybe less?

Disclaimer: Yup, those are brand names up there. I didn't get any benefit from that. Just so you know.

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