Five Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand Minutes Ago

5,256,000 minutes!

5,256,000 moments so dear.

5,256,000 minutes!

How do you measure - measure 10 years?

In daylights? . . . we love the long ones of the summer best!

In sunsets? . . . we have some great ones in the wide open plains of West Texas

In midnights? . . . not an unusual bedtime

In cups of coffee? . . . used for medicinal purposes only (see prior statement about bedtime!)

In inches? . . . our beautiful little ones were 19 and 19.29 when they were born

In miles? . . . never very many apart

In laughter? . . . we have so much

In strife? . . . we don't have much

In 5,256,000 minutes

How do you measure 10 years of a marriage?

How about love?

Measure in LOVE

5,256,000 minutes ago
I married my best friend.


*** My thanks to the composer of the musical RENT - how else could I calculate the number of minutes in 10 years! ***


Brian said...

Awesome! Congrats again for making this milestone! We are proud of you both and hope to contribute in the laughter arena every once in a while. Love y'all!

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

Happy anniversary! Here's to many, many, MANY more!

p.s. got your email :) THANKS!

Patrycja said...

congrats ;) i like the part 'i married my best friend' it gives some hope ;)

Jean Jacques said...

This is awesome and very sweet, wish you more anniversaries to come. =)

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Jennifer Rod said...

Beautiful post! Congratulations.


hapi said...

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gusDon said...

Love is difficult to measure, there's always a confusing process occurs when through it ..... Very happy when able to pass for a long time! Cool !

Anonymous said...

Comment 2) RENT IS AMAZING!!!!!! Best musical in the world.
Comment 3) This is really sweet and adorable.

rajiv zone said...

Keep it up. You are an inspiration to others.

Claire said...

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