Sweet but Sticky

Jackson had a sweet with a side of sticky kind of day today.

Sweet because . . .even though he asserts his independence at every turn, he still reaches for my hand for long walks . . . like the one around the air conditioner and past the barking neighbor dogs to the front yard.

Sticky because . . .as we were driving home from church I turned around at a stoplight to see that he had peeled the name tag sticker off of his sippie cup . . . and he was EATING it! In some quirk of traffic, there was never again another stoplight long enough for me to extract the sticker from him. I did manage to get small bits off of his fingers, but then the bits stuck to my fingers. It was a lost cause so I am considering it a fiber source.

Sweet because . . . He was so excited to show off his stair mastering. Jackson doesn't get many opportunities to practice stair climbing in our one-story house. So when an opportunity presents itself, he goes for it with gusto. Such was the case when he veered off course on the way out of church this morning to race up the stairs. Once he got up, he gained speed and just kept going. He was halfway to another set of stairs by the time I caught him. He was delighted with himself!

Sticky because . . . Mom still has not achieved the perfect balance of PB to J. Thus, after eating a mom-made sandwich, there is cleaning of the face, hands, arms, bib, shirt, and highchair. To further complicate things, I fed him fresh pineapple with dinner. A bath was required.

Sweet because . . . while I was busy packing for our upcoming trip, Jackson crawled in his rocker with one of his books. He sat there by himself "reading" all about dogs and trucks for quite awhile. So sweet.

Sticky because . . . it was unbearably hot and humid today. I was wilting.

Sweet because . . . My little boy sees a trip to Linens and Things as akin to a trip to Disney World. A little explanation - we were trying to make a speedy trip through LNT so I passed on the cart. Unfortunately, I didn't know where to find what I was looking for. So about halfway through my lap around the store, my little bundle of joy was getting heavy. I put him down so that we could get adjusted, thinking that I had mere seconds before he took off. To my surprise, he stayed right where I put him down and he said, "Whoo Hoo". I turned around to see a display of three shiny new vacuum cleaners. Jackson LOVES vacuum cleaners. A close second place for Mr. Clean is the duster. And what do you know, there was a whole wall of dust removal items for him to admire. We stood there for awhile while he pointed to each cleaning solution until I named it for him. The whole thing was pretty comical.

Mr. Clean goes to work

We are so glad for every moment of sweet, sticky fun that our little boy brings into our lives. May they be numerous in the days to come.


Aday Family said...

When can Little J come and teach Ella to clean?? The more help the better!

Aday Family said...

OMG... he's cleaning. (sniff, sniff).. I'm so proud. ;)