Dining with Dependants: Build Your Own Burrito

One of the side effects of our fast-paced lifestyle is that we rarely eat at home. In fact, Jackson has played with my pots and pans more in the last 6 months than I have. We are aided in this gastronomic adventure by the fact that the area in which we live has more restaurants than people. I could eat somewhere different every day for years. All this was well and good until I became a mom and realized that variety and plentitude might not be the biggest priorities any more. It's figuring out what my tiny diner will actually eat.

Chipotle - Enormous burritos with 2 bean options and fiery salsa; this sounds like a recipe for a toddler stomach bomb! Never fear, our friends at Chipotle will make a cheese quesadilla with the smallest tortilla. And the best feature? The wee quesadilla is a mere 60 cents.

Qdoba - Same story here - amazing adult food that would make a toddler cry. You can also get the quesadilla here . . . but these people have figured their smallest patrons out . . . and brought forth the dreaded Kid's Meal. The quesadilla is twice as big, but even after subtracting out the chips and kid's drink, it's over three times as much dough ($2.00+).

The verdict: Chipotle still holds the key to our hearts . . . even if sometimes we leave 50 cents worth of our dinner on the floor.

Wisdom for those who are hungry:

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