Tacky knows no season

After the holiday rush, my eagle-eyed spotter of tackiness, Erin, sent me this:

That's right; those are the Santa Pants treat holders live and in person. They were found at a relative's home, who swore that he recieved them as a work gift. The best part of the story? Guess what was in the pants . . . no, just guess . . . it's frightful. . . there was fudge in those pants. Ugh.

Then a new catalog arrived at my house and I discovered to my horror that Santa's pants aren't the only ones missing. A whole flock of leprechauns has fallen victim as well.

The Easter Bunny has also lost his entire wardrobe.

What's next? Oh, don't tell me. I love the suspense.


Erin said...

NO NO NO!!! Empty pants of any sort are just wrong!!

Erin said...

I've been doing some soul searching....what do you think?
Maybe, just maybe...little pants would be OK if they had something, anything, besides chocolate in them? Candy, gum, toys...just not chocolate. Please no chocolate.

Tiffany said...

Those are awful. Tell Jonathan congrats for me!