Family Fun

Early in the summer I lined up a non-stop, action-packed weekend for my little family of 3. It included swimming and an outdoor fair. I thought it was a home run for a fun time. I was WRONG. There was sweating,whining, inappropriate footwear and the fact that Trade Days does not support my cash-free existence . . . and most of those problems were mine. How was I to know that it would be 200 degrees in the shade on a June Saturday in Texas? Oh, wait, it's been that way my whole life! And I have sworn that as long as I am still wearing a coat in my office all summer, I will never complain about the heat outside. So after that little debacle outdoor Family Fun was cancelled for the remainder of the summer.

Fast forward to this weekend. Supposedly, it is cooling down in some portions of the country. And in North Texas we haven't seen the sun in about 10 days. Outdoor Family Fun is back!

So this weekend's adventure was the local balloon festival. We were able to meet friends there and watch a parachute team, balloon launches, and the balloon glow. It was a definite improvement from the summer's Have Fun or Else campaign. However, I will say that there are good features for great seats and there are not so good features. Good features: great view. Not so good features: the non-stop territory war you will enjoy with the people around you who are just laying in wait for you to head for the bathroom so they can stake a claim. But it looks like everyone avoided a Hatfield-McCoy situation and was able to have a good time.

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