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People, there's a serious problem out there and I'm a little concerned about it. No, not world hunger, consumer credit, or the man-eating dog fur tumble weeds that roll freely through my living room. I'm talking about blog abandonment. There are thousands of helpless blogs, many of them mere infants, left alone to fend for themselves. They are wandering the Internet, occasionally popping up in random searches (How are we going to weather Y2K? Will Carrie end up with Mr. Big? Should I wear Crocs or Uggs with my low rise jeans?). Sadly, up until today this blog was headed down that dark and scary path as well. What a crime for my child to forever exist as a two year old in the annals of the Internet. Well, today is a new day, and today this blog rides again.

Be warned - it's not like I have anything new and fresh to say. It's just more of me and my very random thoughts. I know you've been missing that the most.

So just what have we been up to around here while my blog was filing a missing persons report for me? Well, just a few things . . .

1. Gestating: Baby #2 will be here in May. It's a boy. He's very healthy and not very modest. We are extremely excited and surprisingly more anxious than we were the first time. Ignorance was bliss last time. Now there are thoughts of sleepless nights and feeding drama (mostly mine and not the babies)dancing in our heads. However, the number one thing I have learned is that everyone survives the hard stuff and pretty much forgets it. Parental amnesia, it's something we can all love.

2. Relocating: Project house #3 for the year became ours. It was a rehab, but it had all these features that were perfect for us. We sold our first house (ahh the memories) and made the big move in November. As moves go, it was a pretty good experience. Minimal stress and a great transition for everyone. It was all Jackson could talk about for weeks and even now the place he wants to be most is his "new house".

3. Urinating: I know, I know . . . way too much information. It's actually not a new activity for any of us, but we are excited to report that after spending the last week in self-imposed potty training Purgatory, Jackson is doing AWESOME. By Day 2 of Potty Training Boot Camp he was insisting that Mommy and Daddy stay out of the bathroom and was pretty much getting the job done all by himself. We have since had success at Grandma's house, at church and in public restrooms. He actually woke up just now and wanted to go. All more than we ever expected at this early stage. We are far from complete, but it has been a great start. Yea, Jackson!

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for another exciting installment of Katherine's World coming soon. Hopefully, sooner than this one.

And again, my apologies to the blog. You've been hanging in there these long bleak months. I promise to take better care of you now (just don't tell the house plants, because I think I made them the same promise last year).


Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

Good to see a post from Katherine! Great to hear that baby #2 is doing so well! FABULOUS to hear that J is potty trained! Woo hoooo! 2010 sounds like it's going to be full of blessings for you guys!

BenHoak said...

Welcome back :) And hey, potty training stories always play well with parents ... congrats on how well that's going.