Boot Scootin' Buddy

Houston (and San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and possibly El Paso), we have a problem. Recently, Jackson was playing with a Toy Story flashlight. It has caps with different images from the movie that you can put on the end of the flashlight and then project on the wall. Pretty neat toy. We were talking about the pictures and that's when he showed me this picture . . .

. . . and told me that it was a VACUUM CLEANER!!

No, sweetie, that's a cowboy boot.

No, it's not, Mommy. Look, here's its wheel.

I think that's a spur.

In his defense, the little boy does LOVE vacuum cleaners. But I am the same mom who threatened to drag a Ziploc of red dirt to the hospital with me if I was forced to relocate outside the Lone Star state before he was born. Being a Texan is important. Is there any other state bold enough to slap the image of their borders on everything from socks to dinnerware? Behold . . .

Amazing isn't it. Tell me where you can get pasta in the shape of Wyoming or one of the other squares.

So I guess in the interest of education, there is a little trip to the rodeo in our future. Or maybe I will just let him watch 8 Seconds. All of the fun . . . none of the horse poop.

Coincidentally, our other Toy Story issue is that Jackson refers to the main characters as "Wooty" and "Bud Light". I think we will just have to let that one slide for a while.

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