Fix It Up Fridays: the Furball and the Floors

Our new house was a true "investor special" when we purchased it. As in no floors. Just cold concrete slab. Not exactly where you envision hanging out making family memories. But we just chose to think of it as a blank slate. And when we found out we could get a great deal on hardwood flooring, we jumped on it. I was so excited. Hardwood floors have always been on my list of desired home amenities, but they were always just a little out of reach. These particular floors are dark wood with hand scraped detailing. Perfect.

However, there was one family member who was less than thrilled by our new spread.

The first night we brought Molly to the new house, she paced and paced. She could not believe that all of the rooms we were supposed to be in as a family were covered with this stuff that she had been classifying as gnaw-worthy. And even worse was the fact that the whole place was like one giant Slip and Slide. Molly was not interested in reenacting scenes from Risky Business.
Fortunately for Molly, we are now the proud owners of area rugs!

Now, I am no expert in the purchasing of rugs (although most of what I saw in my shopping adventures seemed to be six degrees of ugly, so it would appear to me that most people are not experts in rug buying), but I think these look pretty good.
And the furball was much appreciative.
Can't you tell?
She's obviously thinking, "my fur is going to look AWESOME on this!" Speaking of which, we did make an effort to purchase the rugs in the best possible shade of Molly fur. Just like I prefer my cars in the color "Texas dirt".

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