Armed and Adorable

Jackson seems to be amassing a small arsenal. I was feeling a little concerned about that. Despite growing up in a place where boys were out shooting deer before they arrived in first period 9th grade English and the start of dove season is a local holiday, my feelings on weapons are a little mixed. So we asked Jackson about his stockpile. The sidearm on the right is a "blaster". It shoots water and in more dire situations "Diet Coke". Oddly, if he isn't packing when the need arises, his finger will also shoot water and Diet Coke. The firearm on the left is even more interesting. It is a "crumb zapper". It sucks up crumbs and zaps them at people, preferrably in the mouth. Huh. In its former life this item was a caulk gun.
I LOVE this little boy's imagination. I hope we do everything possible to nurture it. And I guess that I can put to rest any concerns over him holding up a Quik E Mart since his sworn enemy appears to be crumbs!

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