Quotable Jackson

Whole family in the car . . .

Jackson: I LOVE cats. I think we should get a cat.

Me: We can't get a cat, because I'm allergic to them. Maybe you can visit someone else's cat.

LONG pause . . .

Jackson: I think we should get a cat AND a new mommy.

Me: Really? What are you looking for in a new mommy besides not allergic to cats?

Jackson: She'll be green.

Me: Oh, ok. Anything else?

Jackson: She'll wear perfume.

HILARIOUS! I can't make this up. This is who Jonathan thinks should be cat-friendly, GREEN, good-smelling Mommy 2.0


This afternoon, Jackson was pretending to be a squirrel. A little odd choice in animal, but I personally think that squirrels are pretty funny vermin.

Me: Jackson, what do you eat when you are a squirrel?

Jackson: Nuts

Me: What kind of nuts? (Thinking peanuts, walnuts, round nuts, brown nuts)

Jackson: Chicken Nuts


Jackson: We need another pet. Right now we have JUST a dog.


I want a squirrel.