Goodbye, July!

Twenty six days over 100 degrees. . . makes us a little wild.

Sayonara, July from the H2O Rambos.

Heat that no air conditioner can cool . . . makes us look cool in our ride.

makes us want to play some tunes . . .

makes us want to keep an emergency stash of cow brew in the kitchen towel drawer (!)

July is over. It has been one long, hot month. You, my faithful readership of 2, have survived a month of mindless blathering from me. Daily posting was a little harder than I anticipated - there's just so much awesomeness we can pack in around here, but we made it! Thanks for taking the time to read about all of our crazy adventures. I hope they made you smile. The goal of posting constantly for back to back fortnights was to increase consistency for a blog that had no new content from December to July. Done. Now we are moving to a maintenance schedule.

We'll see you soon.