Awesome Analysis

I have come to realize that the one thing I say consistently throughout the day (other than "Jackson, don't throw that") has become, "That's awesome." Unfortunately, this is stated in a most sarcastic way possible. Like this -

Fellow employee: "We're going to need for you to recap the area's performance from the last year, and we need that in the next hour or so . . . oh, and most of the systems are down."
Me: "Sure, that'll be awesome."

J1: "I have meetings every night this week."
Me: "Well, that's just awesome."

As a rabid linguaphile, such word overuse leads me to fear that I am single handedly reducing the power of language itself. This may seem a little over dramatic, but just try to utter the phrase, "That's hot" without feeling your own IQ drop a few points. Language in all its raw, transforming power . . .

So to redeem myself, I present to you a short definition of "awesome". Here's what the people of Webster's had to say:

Awe"some\, a.
1. Causing awe; appalling; awful; as, an awesome sight. --Wright.
2. Expressive of awe or terror.

My favorite part is that awe and terror are seemingly synonymous.

By the way, it has been an AWESOME week so far. . .


Aday Family said...

Hey! I know it has been a tough week so far, and if you NEED ANYTHING please let us know! Brian says 'the wheels are in motion'! :)

Erin said...

May I add to your repertoire the great phrase...
"That's super."

Hope your "awesome" weeks get better...