Hall of Fame

Molly has submitted another entry to the Backyard Terror Hall of Fame. One evening last week I went outside to check on her. This is what I found.

The unidentified green object to her left is the tree gator. It is the engenious device that wraps around the trunk of a tree and provides drip irrigation. The backyard tree is really suffering in the 100+ degree heat, so I thought I would help it out. Molly apparently disagreed with my backyard agricultural plans. The weirest part about this discovery is that the tree gator zips closed. So should I threaten her with her life for inflicting more backyard trauma or just call David Letterman and tell him I have the Unzipping Dog?

Molly's previous entries for the Backyard Terror Hall of Fame include ripping off a sprinkler head, dismantling a hose nozzel, and attempting her own Big Dig.


Erin said...

You have got yourself a smart dog!

Maybe she plans to zip herself in and drip irrigate her furry body to stay cool in the Texas heat....just a thought....

And by all means, borrow away!! Can I do the same?

Ashley Breslin said...

That is hilarious. Call Letterman! pretty neat. But I agree with Erin, maybe she isn't getting enough drip irrigation..haha!

Aday Family said...

She unzipped it? Why didn't Jon and I invented those things... I mean, $20 a piece? Come on... millionaires by now.