Bye Bye Bennigan's

I think that it's the Turkey O'Toole I will miss the most. Though I have not been to a Bennigan's in quite some time, I must say that I was sad to see it disappear from the restaurant landscape this week. There were plenty of signs that this dining establishment was dying a slow death, but as soon as it was gone I was hungry for the turkey sandwich of the Irish. It's the Chick-Fil-A effect - they are only closed one day of the week, but which day do I most often think, "You know, I could go for some nuggets right about now." So now I am left to hunger for delicious pretzel bread. I did go so far as to search to see who else might offer pretzel bread. All I got back was a recipe. It involved yeast and kneading. I think I will pass.

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Tiffany said...

Man, I loved the Turkey O'Toole as well (or as one of Sean's coworkers called it, the Turkey O'Toodle). If you can find a Fox and Hound, they have a similar sandwich called the Black Forest that is tasty. I mean, if you want to take your baby to a bar:)