The clutch ball is back! I made another ball for a baby shower this past weekend. I think it turned out rather cute.

Here was the original ball that went to Baby Brady.

Next up, maybe I will actually make something for my own impending child . . . right after I whip up a construction theme party for the three year old. Oh, and in order to host this little par-tee, I'll need to complete the unpacking/organizing/decorating/home-making process. Ok, now I need to lie down. I think that construction is a great theme for this party, because let's face it, my house is always in some form of construction!

By the way, Crafternoon is the title of a book that is being passed around at my office's yearly White Elephant gift exchange. It is never unwrapped with glee. I personally have never been able to confine a craft to an afternoon. . . or a table.

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Erin said...

That is so cute!!