Baby Brady is Here!

8:18 PM
7 lb. 3 oz.
19 inches
Our first nephew, Brady, arrived just over a week ago. We are so excited to welcome Jackson's first cousin. There was lots of concern about exactly when Brady would make his arrival, and thus he was this generation's 2nd induced baby. In my experience, inductions add to the baby delivery fun model in so many ways - they take all day and yet everyone keeps telling you that a baby is imminent. Then all of a sudden, WHAM, it's really go-time. And the next thing you know, you have a baby! Brady was no exception. He gave us plenty of time to explore the hospital all day and then he arrived like a bullet train the minute we completed our 45 minute drive home! We were so sad! But we are so glad that he arrived safely and has added so much joy to our family already!
Happy family!

Hugs from Jackson

Sleepy Baby

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