Dining with Dependants: East meets Mid-west Pizza Style

Today, we decided to expand our palate pleasing adventure to food of the Mid-West. We tried out a new Chicago-style pizzaria that just opened by our neighborhood. Pizza is a serious study around our house. It was the first adult food that Jackson ate at the same time as us - a true family meal. I've been naming it as a favorite food since elementary school. My brother in law loves pizza so much he could write a dissertation on the subject . . . hmm . . . doctor of pizzalogy. . . nice ring, huh.

The pizza gold-standard at our house is Brooklyn's. We love the Bronx Italiano, no red peppers or scallions. Though I feared what the garlic might do to the stomach of a small child, Jackson seems no worse for the wear. In fact, he loves flavor of any kind. We tried and tried to get him to eat some of the baby foods and in the end they were just too bland for him. Brooklyn's pizza has amazing flavor. It's kind of a taste explosion. The tomatos are chopped rather than as sauce too, which I think is delightful.

The new contendor was Rosati's Pizza. They serve Chicago-style pizza based on a Italian family recipe. The pie was large and generous with a thick crust. However, it just didn't pack the same flavor punch as our friends from the East Coast. Pizza from Dairyland, it would seem, has a big emphasis on cheese. It seemed like a solid wall of it. As one who has dined on cheese-free pizza at the behest of a certain college roommate, the cheese to pizza ratio is a very delicate balance for me. There was a lot of sauce as well and it was quite thick. It seemed more like a friend of the tomato than an actual tomato product - like Cheez Whiz is a friend of cheese.

The clear winner: we like our pizza from the burough!

It's Little J approved.

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