The Trouble with Trees

So, what do you do when you experience an equipment malfunction in the middle of an excavation?
Let's ask HE-MAN.

The tree, by the way, was officially pronounced a goner by our friendly HOA. Because they have so much concern for the goings-on in my backyard. Perhaps I will send them a thank you note . . . and a sample of the "organic fertilizer" that is also abundant in my backyard. Not that fertilizer of any type did anything for the tree. So, the current horticultural situation around here is: 1.5 of 3 houseplants alive, 1 of 4 porch plants alive, 1 flowering tree propped up in the front yard, and a battalion of bushes that must be related to kudzu trying to grow through the brick in front of the house. Tommorow night I am attending a presentation titled "Turning Your Black Thumb into a Green One". Seriously.

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Tiffany said...

Go Jonathan! I think I need to go to that workshop with you. I can't keep plants alive, either.