12 Days of Tacky Christmas Day 12

Tacky Christmas Hall of Fame #12
8 Second Santa

Yes, I know. 12 Days of Tacky Christmas means 12! But this last entry was a little more difficult to obtain . . . there was stealthy photography involved. So the inside scoop is this - I am 100% Texan and that's a fact I am quite proud of. We happen to have relatives who hail from the northern provinces, and they have pointed out with much disdain the affinity Texans seem to have for putting pictures of our state on absolutely everything. To which we must reply, "Yeah, it's too bad your state isn't this cool." But to everything there is a line, and this seems to be mine.

Cowboy Santa gets trotted out on the lawn in my neighborhood every single year and he is just too much for me to bear. Seriously, is he riding the state? To everyone their own 8 seconds, but the state that once was its own country should be ridden by no one.

Honorable mention goes out to this little gem. This is the Christmas Drinking Glove. It's furry, it's festive, and apparently, it keeps your hand warm while still allowing you to grip your bottle with vigor. My question is, "if this is really an issue for you, what are you doing the rest of the year? And just what are you drinking?".

Merry Christmas, y'all.
Be sure and save Christmas from Tackiness.

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Erin said...

That's horrible that you have to watch Santa defile the state of Texas all month long!! That's just not right.

And the drinking glove....I mean if your hand being too cold to drink your beer is your biggest issue...I think you've got it pretty good!!