12 Days of Tacky Christmas Day 6

**The Tacky Patrol was momentarily delayed by a monstrous stomach bug. But, never fear, we are on guard once again. Protecting you from all things fearfully festive.**
Tacky Christmas Hall of Fame #6
Crazy Christmas Geese

Sometimes, during the fall, I catch a glimpse of a flock of geese in migration, and it really makes me smile - how they are all lined up in their V, seeking warmer locales. When you hate the cold as much as me, you really admire this sort of exodus. But that's where my love of the goose ends. Because when you meet them up close, they are nothing but mean, squawking, territorial birds. So I cannot understand what possesses people to put them in front of their houses. Or to dress them up . . .

. . . as another Claus identity crisis

. . . as dancers from the Nutcracker Suite - come on, those people are talented.
Have you ever seen a goose dance?

. . . and the worst of all, as the parents of the Christ child.
Mary and Joseph had a tough enough assignment,
and now they are getting a goose makeover.

This Christmas,

1 comment:

Erin said...

I was reeling over the bizarre geese outfits but then I saw the Mary/ Joseph one and that just puts me over the edge. Who thinks that is a great idea?? That is worse than Mrs. Claus with cleavage.