12 Days of Tacky Christmas Day 4

Tacky Christmas Hall of Fame Winner #4
The Clauses go "Hog Wild"

So I know that Mr. C. has a stressful job.
Working all year long to prepare for a world-wide, time/space continuum-bending journey
in order to pass out toys to children who barely escaped this year's naughty list,
must be mind bending to say the least.
Which is why I respect his right to blow off a little steam in the off season.

But the toll this is taking on his wife is just too much.
At first, she was just tooling around the Pole in between batches of cookies.
That seemed harmless enough.

But then, that rowdy reindeer, Rudy helped the Claus get in touch with her wild side.
He always was a rebel - breaking reindeer uniform with the red nose and all.

Of course, the Big Guy followed right behind.

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