End of an Era

So after 7 years of having a multi-purpose room, we finally are moving on up to the big people table. Up until now we have had
  • a banquet room (baby showers, bridal showers, a brunch, and several Halloween parties)

  • a sewing room (always good to have somewhere to set up things that have a 6 month lead time)

  • an exercise room (the balance ball was parked in there for an extended stay)

  • a storage shed (for wall-to-wall bric-a-brac)

Now we hereby christen the room previously known as the Black Hole, as the Dining Room!

The final step in our move up the feeding chain was obtaining a china cabinet. What is a girl to do when she has wedding china and no china cabinet? We crossed that off our list last weekend.

Welcome to our family, medium-sized china cabinet with cherry wood and moulding details! May you enjoy a long and happy life here, just as those who came before you.

I have to say that this purchase comes with a little sadness. We have spent our entire married life looking for furniture, registering for furniture, travelling far and wide to go to furniture stores, admiring the new furniture of others, hunting for more furniture, and trying to overcome my lack of innate furniture selection skills without becoming obsessed with the furniture! Now I can't think of a single large furniture purchase we have left to make. It's the end of an era.

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