Furmination Nation

We LOVE the Furminator!

Our once clean home had become a collection zone for yellow fur tumbleweeds. They were literally rolling across the floor when you walked through a room. Add to that the fact that I was about to blow up my Dustbuster by completing hourly vacuuming sessions, and a furry emergency was brewing. In my war against the fur balls and their creator, I found the Furminator.

This baby promises to reduce shedding by 90%. Hmm. So this could leave me with a 6 lb Labrador? And of course, the price tag is disgusting. By miracle and sheer tenacity, I found a lower price. The little Fur Destroyer arrived Thursday. I was practically running in from the mailbox with glee. Molly was immediately trotted outside and attacked with the Furminator.

The results were indescribable. There were little fur clouds drifting down the alley. It was beautiful and disgusting all at once.

Three sessions later and she is a new dog. Not 6 lbs, but definitely thinner and sleeker. My Dustbuster is gasping in the corner. Now I might be forced to notice other areas in need of cleaning. Be warned corner-dweller spiders.

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