Trash Elves

We made some expansions to our patio this week. See below.

Aren't you impressed? No? Well, you should be. That dark spot to the left of the pavers used to be occupied by 195 red bricks. 195! They came with the house when we moved in and for several years we have had great illusions of all the things we were going to do with them. No more!

How did I accomplish this feat? I called upon the Mighty Trash Elves. You see, for my own personal Earth Day celebration this year, I signed up with my local chapter of Freecycle. As a result, I get bunches of e-mails from people who are either requesting things (small things that someone might be getting rid of like an ice cream maker or baby gate) or offering things. Absolutely no money exchange allowed. The other day there was a posting requesting bricks for a lady making a brick patio. I contacted her and viola! 195 bricks worth of space have been reclaimed! I think I am a believer.

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