Race for the Cure . . . for insanity?

Unfortunately, the cure for my schedule-induced insanity appears to be light years away . . . but, the cure for breast cancer is within our grasp. To ensure this, we participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this morning. While this cancer hasn't touched our lives personally, we know so many that it has. So every year, we've been making an effort to get everyone to the Race for this cause that is (literally) near and dear to our hearts. Jackson loves to see all of the people and give us orders from his stroller.

Waiting for the Race to start

Explaining things to Aunt Michelle

By the way, "race" is a total misnomer for my family. Unlike my friends who are blessed with the runner gene, I feel little compulsion to run anywhere. And if the thought crosses my mind, I quickly lie down. We Stroll for the Cure.

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