Battle of the Bathroom

Our dog has now destroyed bath mat number 6 for the year. 6 bath mats! We like to give her free run of the master bath when we are away during the day. It's doggy paradise - nice, cool tile floor, plenty of sunbathing under a big window, and apparently bath mats. In her undeserved defense, it appears that she thinks she's just doing what any other dog would do - fluffing up her sleeping spot. But then a few strings come flying off and she thinks she's under attack. That's when she has no choice but to let the fluff fly. She's obviously always the victor. The concerning thing is that she seems to be getting a little cocky. This last bathmat was hanging over the shower door. I can only assume that it was taunting her.


Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

the sound of our dog scratching the carpet to make her fluffy spot wakes me up regularly in the middle of the night. Drives me berserk! Your furry girl must have reallly been fluffing to throw the mat over a shower door! Impressive!

Katherine said...

Becky, she never ceases to amaze me. She's also busted out of her kennel. Check out today's post for her latest destruction.