This Land is Your Land . . .

We did a little traveling to a vacation destination last month and during those travels there were lots of license plates to see. Each state seems to have a love for creating some catchy marketing slogan to bring out the best in their homeland. The ones that are currently on license plates cruising the interstates have become pretty familiar to us - "The Lone Star State" (TX), "Sportsman's Paradise" (LA), "Land of Lincoln" (IL), "First in Flight" (NC). These nicknames all seem to put each of those state's best foot forward, but research shows that the picture painted was not always so attractive. Check out these state monikers from the past. Just makes you want to hop in the car and go there, right?

  1. Italy of America - Arizona (don't go looking for canals or cannelloni)

  2. Toothpick State - Arkansas (how much dental digging can one state do?)

  3. Lead State - Colorado (must have gone over like a lead balloon)

  4. Land of Steady Habits - Connecticut (which habits? Handwashing or smoking?)

  5. Goober State - Georgia (Wikipedia claims that this refers to peanuts, the state's official crop, but it's hard to confirm)

  6. Baja Wisconsin - Illinois (this just makes Illinois sound like Wisconsin's purse)

  7. Tall Corn State - Iowa (now those sound like fightin' words)

  8. America in Miniature - Maryland (just like Legoland)

  9. Mitten State - Michigan (NOT going there and I will be avoiding its colder cousin Blizzard State South Dakota)

  10. Puke State - Missouri (I'm sure MO has it's problems, but I didn't think it was THIS bad)

  11. The Last Best Place - Montana (this must be part of the "we're all winners" strategy; I won the last best place every year in the 50 yard dash)

  12. Iodine Products State - South Carolina (this was on the license plates at some point!)

  13. Rip Van Winkle State - North Carolina (sounds like a good place for a nap)

  14. Forever West - Wyoming (an obvious choice for anyone who has driven there)

  15. Land of Infinite Variety - South Dakota (an entire state for the indecisive)

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