Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Little Boy Blue #2 has made it clear in his very best 1 year old way that he will not take breaking up with his "best friend" lightly. Unfortunately, his bestie is his pacifier.

We were making slow and steady progress on segregating the little suckers to naptime only, but then we ran into the family vacation and the 10 hour car ride. The pacifier was everyone's best friend then. We even let him bring it down to the beach - sandy paci . . . yummy. Now we are home and back in the fight. This is our second round as parents so we are pretty confident that he won't be smuggling these things off to college, but I would still like to stop carrying around what looks like a tiny scuba diver. However, in a short amount of time Logan has shown that he has unmatched determination, so this should be quite a battle of wills.

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