Bits and Pieces

1. Breaking NEWS: Wal-Mart is weird. Thank goodness we got confirmation from the Wall Street Journal.

2. Swamp People is embarrassingly addicting. I'm not sure how this made it to the streaming Netflix list, but I would sure hate to have watched every episode of American Logger and miss this Cajun showdown.

3. This dollar store craft project is about to take a turn for the bone yard until I can find motivation. Pebble mosaic . . . that just sounds like something I will be doing in the sanitarium.

4. Here's one author's perspective on the Harry Potter impact on children's reading. Oddly, there is no mention of redemption for British authors. I guess that's just me.

5. My love for Mexican food is legendary. I'll try anything from Taco Bueno to Taco Diner. Last weekend it was time to give Fuzzy's Taco Shop a shot. Fuzzy's appeared in the metroplex a few months ago and seems to be more Latin American than Tex-Mex. That small difference always provides a conundrum for my refined Tex-Mex palate. I got the shredded garlic beef nachos and they were good but not life-changing. I would say a B+ overall. We will have to go back for a second visit - because any restaurant that has their own "butt burning hot sauce" has our interest piqued.

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