1. MUSING: I spent 7 years of my education involved in choral music. Despite that lengthy tenure, I am still a terrible vocalist, but I did suffer an odd side effect nonetheless. I am filled to the brim with musical prose, and sometimes things just float to the surface. Today it was "Dies Irae, Dies Illa" in perfect rhythm to a long forgotten Requiem. The rough translation for this verse is "Day of wrath! O day of mourning!". Not exactly whistling a happy tune, huh.

  2. TIME WARP: This post is a list of 101 Free Printables. There are some pretty cute things there. I especially love #15 - Star Wars Tags and Stickers (they say "Student by Day, Jedi by Night"!) and #72 - You Get What You Get Print & More (The "& More" includes another printable that reminds us that "the purpose of the task is to strengthen the relationship". It's a great reminder for to-do list people (me).

  3. CONFESSION: I sent my husband to the grocery store at 8:30 PM . . . for Diet Coke. It was a crisis.

  4. UPDATE: Do you know how it feels to drop 10 pounds and 15 degrees in a few short hours? Unfortunately, me neither, but Molly the Labrador does. Apparently, it makes you feel like a puppy again. And when you feel like a new dog, you have no choice but to test out your teeth. This weekend's fatalities: a toy ball and a clothespin (metal portion not included).

  5. REBUFF: So the Kroger gas pumps rejected me this evening. They liked my credit card just fine, but they seemed to have a serious opposition to my zip code. Not wanting to think that Kroger gas is only available for the affluent neighborhoods, I put in a few other zip codes for good measure. The pump did not like those either. I tried a second pump. Same story. Eventually, I had to go old school . . . I had to talk to a human. And she wanted to know how much I was going to spend! It's like The Price is Right - "the contestant who bids the closest to the actual cost of their showcase, without going over, wins the prize". How did we survive those dark days of human interaction? Insanity.

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